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Gourmet Foods and Souvenirs

Kiso’s Specialty Products

Allow us to introduce the specialty flavors of the four seasons, along with traditional Kiso lacquerware and crafts.
When visiting Kiso, we hope that you will partake of the local flavors and feel the traditional craftsmanship with your own hands.


A flavorful Kiso specialty
Soba (Buckwheat Noodles)

Buckwheat grown in the fluctuating ambient temperatures of summer, has a sweet rich flavor and is a highly renowned specialty of Kiso Town.
There are many soba restaurants in Kiso Town, allowing visitors compare the rich diversity of tastes between restaurants.


Reared in the clear waters flowing from Mt. Ontake
Mountain Stream Fish

A natural food with an earthy rustic flavor, reared in the clear streams of Kiso. There are a variety of ways to prepare and eat the fish, including salt grilled, sweet boiled, and smoked.


The Kiso region’s unique winter specialty

Pickles made from Kiso ‘Kabuna’ (turnip stems) fermented without salt, instead using only lactic-acid bacilli. These winter pickles are unique to this area and have been produced by local households since days long past, recently attracting attention as a healthy ‘slow food’.


A regional specialty of skewered rice cakes

Skewered rice cakes are grilled over charcoal before being spread with sauce, the taste of the countryside. The sauces are mixed from ingredients such as walnuts or sesame seeds and vary from region to region. The rice cakes can also be shaped differently, resembling straw sandals, or dumplings, for example.


A rare gem, prepared with the famous waters of Kiso
Local Sake

Snowmelt waters from the mountains of Kiso are naturally filtered over many years, producing the purest spring water. This clear, high quality, spring water is used to brew light, well-rounded, rice wines. 


A tradition embellishing early summer in Kiso

Sweet treats made using red-bean paste wrapped in cakes of kneaded rice flour that are then further bound up in a magnolia leaf. The perfume of magnolia leaves is one of those things that cannot easily be put into words. Seasonal confection during mid-May to late July when magnolia leaves can be collected.


The unique flavor of buckwheat with a sweet springy texture in your mouth
Soba Manju (Buckwheat Buns)

This confectionary specialty of Kiso is made using sweet red-bean paste enclosed within a buckwheat flour bun. The unique flavor of buckwheat produces a perfect harmony with the sweet center, making an ideal snack to go with tea. Sold by confectioners and in souvenir shops, it also makes for a popular gift. 


Nurtured by abundant nature
Kaida Highlands Dairy Products

Cows reared in the rich natural environment of the Kaida highlands produce milk that is used to make a variety of dairy products, such as ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, and butter. In particular, the wonderful combination of bountiful crops, grown on the plateau, with fresh cow’s milk, produces simply exquisite ice creams.


Propagated along with Ontake’s faith
Hyakusogan Pilules

A variety of medicinal plants are combined to produce this Chinese herbal remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. Their preparation is said to have been passed down from an Ontake mountaineering ascetic. It has been highly valued in this region since ancient times.


Their charms deepen with extended use

Your eyes may be drawn to the exquisite craftsmanship of the wooden objects crafted from the finest of materials such as lacquerware produced using “Kiso Cypress” and handcrafted items carved from birch wood.

Store Introductions

Allow us to introduce the stores where you can enjoy and purchase Kiso specialty products, area by area.

Kiso Fukushima
Kaida Highlands

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