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speciality of Kiso Town

Speciality of Kiso Town

Kiso-Fukushima has a lot of local color with Japanese culture and tradition. The area is blessed with rich forest and water resources and has developed as a post town. “Water Town, Kiso-Fukushima”, as the town is called, is nestled in a valley with a beautiful Kiso River.


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JR Kisofukushima Station area

JR Kisofukushima Station area

Having a typical highlands climate, the difference in temperature between summer and winter is significant. In winter, the temperature reaches below -10℃, while in summer the temperature can exceed 30℃.
It rains most during the rainy season of June-July and in the autumn. Whilst precipitation in winter is predominantly snow.

Kaida Kogen (plateau) area

Kaida Kogen (plateau) area

Being located 1000m above sea level, it is cool throughout the year.
The temperature in summer seldom exceeds 30℃, and there are many days in which winter temperature reach below -20℃.

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