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Experience Nature

Kisokoma Highlands


A refreshing plateau, spread at the northern foot of Mt. Kisokomagatake.

A summer resort with beautiful views of Mt. Ontake and Mt. Kisokomagatake. The facilities at the central Kisokoma Forest Park let you to enjoy outdoor life to the full.

Recommended Spots

Kisokoma Highlands

Kisokoma Forest Park

Address 4898-30, Hiyoshi, Kiso, Nagano(within Kisokoma Highlands)
Enquiries Park administration building Tel: 0264−23−8623
Barbeque house & Fishing pond Tel:0264−23−8620
Opening periods From Apr. 26 to the end of Nov.
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Closed days Irregular holidays
Introduction At an elevation of 1,000 m, this is the main leisure facility at the heart of the Kisokoma highlands and contains a campsite, tennis courts, a mallet golf course, a fishing pond, a barbeque house, and facilities for experiencing woodwork and local cuisine.
To the west are views of Mt. Ontake while the east overlooks Mt. Kiso-Komagatake.
Kisokoma Highlands

Kibio Pass

Location Shinkaiohara ,Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Kiso Town Tourism Association
Tel: 0264-22-4000
Introduction Sunset views from the observation platform show the majestic figure of Mt. Ontake against the red-dyed sky. Mt. Norikura is also visible in the distance. The evening landscape of Mt. Ontake, viewed from the Kibio pass, has been selected as one of the top ‘100 Sunset Points in Shinshu’.
Kisokoma Highlands

Roadside Station “Hiyoshi Kisokoma Highlands”

Address 4730-3, Hiyoshi,  Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Tel: 0264-23-3644
Opening periods All year
Business hours 8:30~17:30
9:00~17:00(during winter)
Closed days April - December:7 days a week
January - March:Tuesdays
Introduction At the Roadside Station “Hiyoshi Kisokoma Highlands”, seasonal goods such as fruits and vegetables, picked that morning, and grown in the clean air and clear waters from Mt. Ontake and Mt. Kisokomagatake, are available alongside a variety of Kiso’s specialty products. Additionally, the rustic tastes of Kiso can be enjoyed in the restaurant.

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