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Experience Nature

Kaida Highlands


Home of Kiso horses and soba (buckwheat noodles), the Kaida Highlands

The Kaida highlands are a refreshing plateau ranging from 1,100 to 1,300 meters in elevation with cool summer temperatures of around 18 degrees. Beautiful views of the majestic Mt. Ontake can be enjoyed from various locations around the highlands.

Recommended Spots

Kaida Highlands

Kiso Horse Land

Kiso Horse Land
Address 5596-1, Kaidakogensuekawa, Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Kiso Horse Trekking Center
Opening periods Year-round (restaurant closed in winter)
Business hours 8:30~16:30
Horse Trekking 10:00~12:00、14:00~16:00
Closed days Open seven days a week
Fee Visit Free
Draft horse \500~
Introduction The Kaida highlands are the birthplace of Kiso horses and an area where they can live freely. At around 50 hectares in area, Kiso Horse Land is a place where the dwindling population of Kiso horses can be protected and bred. Surrounded by nature, we humans can spend time with the horses, and feel the forgotten hometown scenery, wind, and culture in our bones.
Kaida Highlands

A Nagano Prefectural Treasure, the Yamashita Residence and Kaida Archeological Museum

A Nagano Prefectural Treasure, the Yamashita Residence and Kaida Archeological Museum
Kaida Archeological Museum
Address 2730-5, Kaidakogennishino, Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries the Yamashita Residence
Tel: 0264-44-2007
Opening periods April - November
Business hours 9:00~16:30
Closed days Mondays (Tuesdays, when Monday is a national holiday)
Fee Adult \400 Children \200  (including the Archeological Museum)
Introduction The Yamashita family’s residence was constructed in the late Edo Period and has been designated as a treasure of Nagano Prefecture, to be preserved in close to its original state. Uncommonly for mountain villages, the building features lavish decorative architecture. Preserved features such as the sunken hearth, and calligraphy in the tatami rooms, remind us of days gone by.
Kaida Highlands

Kaida Local Museum

Address 1899-4, Kaidakogensuekawa, Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Tel:0264-24-0870
Opening periods April - November
Business hours 9:00~16:00
Closed days Year-end/New-year Holidays
Fee No charge
Introduction Befitting of this horse rearing area, exhibits include horse tack, harnesses, and veterinary medical manuals.
Additionally, farm tools and everyday items are introduced to guide visitors through the history of the Kaida highlands, up to the modern day.
Kaida Highlands

Hieda Monument

Hieda Monument
Address Kaidakogensuekawa, Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Kaida Highlands Tourism Office
Introduction This monument was built around 220 years ago to honor the legacy of Hikosaburo Nakamura, the pioneer who first established rice paddies in this area. The region was then further developed, creating the Tabanosawa and Nishino areas.
Kaida Highlands

Onoshima Falls

Address Kaidakogennishino, Kiso, Nagano
Enquiries Kaida Highlands Tourism Office
Introduction Located near the headwaters of the Tsumetagawa River, these large falls feature a 30-meter vertical drop. The river collects the meltwaters from the snowfields of Mt. Ontake meaning that even in summer the waters are cool 8 degrees.
The falls are related to the revered practitioner Kakumei Gyoja who initiated the worship of Mt. Ontake. Members of the sect use the falls in their training.

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